Centre for Good Relations – Civic Mediation

Centre for Good Relations

Centre for Good Relations (CfGR) is an independent not for profit company based in Scotland working on a range of projects in different parts of the country.

Our core work is ‘civic mediation’: facilitation and dialogue, working through issues of contention and dispute, and addressing social conflicts and tensions.

We work with people positively on matters of contention, taking them through dialogue processes which unpack issues and tensions. Good relations work creates space for people themselves to work towards positive outcomes.

CfGR’s contribution can:

  • Build understanding between groups and communities that are at odds with each other…
  • Help develop agreements between agencies, elected representatives, community members and others…
  • Address polarising behaviour…
  • Work around conflicts, campaigns and disputes over business developments…
  • Explore community dynamics resulting from changing demography;
  • bring parties together who are in dispute over the control of facilities and initiatives…
  • And more…

Who is involved?

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Sam Tedcastle

Sam Tedcastle

Director and

Senior Practitioner

Abdul Rahim

Director and

Senior Practitioner

mike waite

Mike Waite

Senior Associate Practitioner

Esther Brooker

Esther Brooker

Associate Practitioner

Naomi Head

Associate Practitioner

David Nasseri, Associate

David Nasseri

Associate Practitioner

The Centre’s work is managed by a small team of Directors and is supported by members of an Advisory Panel.

Our work is delivered by a range of practitioners and experienced mediators with backgrounds in the public sector, voluntary organisations and private business.

CfGR enters into contracts with organisations and agencies which ask us to provide training, or to work on particular cases and projects and most of the funds we need to deliver and develop our work come to us in this way. We also seek additional core funding to secure our existence and future development

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Our Values

We aim to make the processes we facilitate inclusive and welcoming, where respect is shown. We have a commitment to independence: whilst being accountable to those we are working with, we do not ‘own’ the agenda or policy or aims of any other organisation.

We work with honesty and integrity, and agree boundaries of confidentiality as part of any process. We are committed to work in line with legislation and good practice on equality and access. In this, we recognise that some people disagree about what such things as ‘equality’ or ‘justice’ mean in practice – exploring these kinds of issues is a key part of the CfGR’s work.

Our Approach

We are working in different places to develop good relations practice and to share learning.

Partnership working is important to us. We take on and develop work together with the parties who are involved in the issues, and with accountability to the organisations who fund us.

We want to develop good practice by building up close links with other organisations, and by openly sharing effective ideas and approaches.

CfGR provides training, carries out casework on a range of issues, delivers projects, and is involved in a range of networking, learning and development activity.

Casework can involve assessments; ‘civic diplomacy’; both separate and joint meetings with parties to an issue; workshops; developmental work; and longer term projects.

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