Voices From the Glen

Background: During the Finding the Common Ground (FtCG) process there was feedback that some stalkers were not comfortable speaking in large gatherings.  At the same time, the importance of hearing their voices was acknowledged. 

It was felt that to support dialogue it could be helpful to meet with some stalkers on a one-to-one basis within their own settings, capturing their thoughts on camera as a way of then bringing some of their experiences and perspectives into the FtCG process. This led to the development of the ‘Voices From the Glen’ film which was first shown and discussed at the final FtCG Workshop in Stirling in June 2023 and more recently in a Parliamentary Meeting with MSPs on 2nd May 2024. 

The film highlights some of the perspectives of three deer stalkers: Ewen Ballantyne, James Bain & Donald Macrae. Note: The film does not make any claim that it represents the views of the entire stalking community, and as such should not be used in any setting as a standalone feature to suggest this is the case.

We hope the ‘Voices From the Glen’ film provides a helpful resource to:

  • stimulate further exploration, discussion and dialogue on the role and position of stalkers in the future of deer and land management. 
  • offer encouragement and increase the confidence of more stalkers to engage in conversations to share their views and perspectives in a variety of settings. 

For further information about the ongoing work of stakeholders involved in the process, please visit the Common Ground Forum website.